Positive Proximity's session tracking suite provides a number of attendance tracking options including long-range RFID, PC/Software-based check-in stations, mobile event guide, wearable location-aware tags and handheld badge scanners. We'd be happy to help you determine which tracking method will meet your specific needs and budget.

Real-Time Attendance Monitoring & Reporting
Active Session Tracking and Lead Retrieval

The Positive Proximity Suite provides all the attendance tracking & administration tools that will help you manage your event, including:

  • Integrated Roster Management
  • Active Session Monitoring
  • Detailed Attendee Participation Analytics
  • On-Demand Session Reports & Exports
  • Real Time Attendee Feedback
  • Credits Earned Metrics & Automatic Certificate Delivery
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Name Tags & Badges
Conference Name Tag and Badges

Positive Proximity offers a number of attendee name tag and name badge printing options. These range from single badge printing for smaller events to full registration badge printing arrays to service your larger events.

  • Zebra Long-Range RFID Badges
  • Avery Laser/Jet Badge Stock
  • Dymo Labelwriter Adhesive
  • Dymo Labelwriter Badge Stock
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Check-in & Attendance Tracking Tools
Active Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

Positive Proximity offers a number of check-in & attendance tracking options. Each of these session tracking methods will take advantange of Positive Proximity's detailed reporting and data exports.

  • Self Scan Check-in Software
  • Check-in Kiosks/Stations
  • Handheld Badge Scanners
  • Long-Range RFID
  • Toch-and-Go RFID
  • Wearable BLE Tags
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Attendee Mobile Event Portal
Active Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

Positive Proximity also offers a branded Mobile Event Portal. This powerful tool's features include:

  • Active Session & Event Guide
  • Event Deliverables (PDF documents, video links, etc.)
  • Real Time Attendee Feedback
  • Speaker & Exhibitor Profiles
  • and more...
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Additional Services & Equipment Rental
Active Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

Positive Proximity can help with attendee registration, event setup and configuration, and can rent any equipment needed to make your event a success! We can help with:

  • Event Registration Processing (w/ complete roster management)
  • Exhibitor Lead Retrieval Hardware & Services
  • Event Setup & Branding Services
  • Hardware Rentals, Including: RFID Scanning Systems, Badge Scanners,
    Badge Printers, BLE Beacons & Laptops
  • On-Site Setup & Support
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Positive Proximity's services can be self-managed. However, our team of experts can be contracted to setup and configure your event for you if needed.

For more information about our event setup and on-site support services, please call us at (702) 850-2380.