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    Powerful Pre-Registration Tools with Real Time
    Roster API, Attendee Reminders & more...

Attendance Tracking

& Event Management

Full Service attendance tracking by combining leading-edge check-in, session tracking and lead retrieval solutions in one system.

Starting as low as $1.99 per attendee.

Online Registration

Full service online and on-site registration services

Providing innovative registration services that are reliable, secure and proven to meet the demanding service expectations and technology requirements for meetings and events of all sizes.

Smiling woman typing on keyboard with a form example behind her

Leading Edge Registration Tools

Our sophisticated menu of features provides a user-friendly attendee registration experience with fully branded e-correspondence, customer feedback and a host of automated options that deliver the power of a team of experts in one dynamic online system.


Reporting, Data Exports & Roster API's

Our integrated reporting, APIs and data export features provide all the tools necessary to integrate your online registration activity with your existing business systems.

Attendance Tracking

Check-in & Session Tracking Services

Long-Range RFID, Self-Scan Stations, Tap-and-Go RFID, Handheld Scanners & Mobile App Portals...  Positive Proximity's IntelliTrak® provides the power of Predictive Analytics and Active Attendee Dwell Time monitoring all in one robust system.


IntelliTrak®: Active Check-in & Location Monitoring Technology

Each Attendee's location data is actively processed and analyzed by our core reporting systems to provide accurate, real-time, attendance and dwell time data. Live heat maps, room capacity threshold monitoring, and detailed event attendee paths are just some of the amazing reporting that has been made possible through this technology.


Dashboard platform showing five areas that are monitored

Active Room Occupancy Monitoring

The Positive Proximity platform actively monitors room occupancy and automatically sends threshold notifications/warnings (by Text/SMS and Email). The platform also monitors each of your session tracking devices, keeping you informed during the event.

Positive Proximity redefines Full Service attendance tracking by combining leading-edge check-in, session tracking and lead retrieval solutions in one system. With 25 years of experience in the training and conference industry, we deliver exceptionally fast and affordable results.

Whether your event is large or small, we've got the team & the tools for you!

Mobile Event Portal (No Download Necessary)

Whether you need just badge printing and registration hardware, or a complete solution with RFID session tracking with real-time reporting and on-site technicians, Positive Proximity has got you covered!

We always have new features and tools under development! See you at our next event!

Positive Proximity News & Press - 2018/2019

Attendance Tracking Press Release

Positive Proximity Press Release
Read our latest press release published in Exhibitor Magazine.
Thank you Exhibitor Magazine!
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Attendance Tracking

May - 71th AAN Annual Meeting 2019
Positive Proximity provided the American Academy of Neurology with RFID attendance tracking & reporting for more than 15,000 attendees for their conference in Philadelphia!   
read more »

Attendance Tracking

AHCA/NCAL Convention 2018
Positive Proximity just teamed up with CMR to provide the AMERICAN HEALTH CARE ASSOCIATION with check-in and attendance tracking for their conference in San Diego!   
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Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

Latino Tax Fest 2018, Las Vegas
Positive Proximity provided the Latino Tax Fest with online registration services, badge solutions, on-site registration, attendance tracking, and an active mobile event portal for their tax conference in Las Vegas! The event was a huge success!   read more »

Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

HD Vest Connect 2018
Positive Proximity provided HD Vest with self check-in & attendance tracking for their conference in New Orleans! Great event, and we are looking forward to next year!   
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Attendance Tracking

Lenovo Accelerate Conference 2018
Positive Proximity provided the Lenovo Conference with RFID attendance tracking, badge printing & reporting for Lenovo's Accelerate Conference in Las Vegas!   
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Attendance Tracking

April - 70th AAN Annual Meeting 2018
Positive Proximity teamed up with CMR to provide the American Academy of Neurology with RFID attendance tracking & reporting for more than 14,000 attendees for their conference in Los Angeles!   
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Attendance Tracking and Lead Retrieval

National Home Infusion Association 2018
Positive Proximity provided the NHIA with badge printing and RFID session tracking for their conference in Phoenix!   
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Attendance Tracking

January - SFS Cybercorps Scholarships for Service
Positive Proximity and Expo Data Capture provided SFS Cybercorps RFID attendance tracking & reporting for their conference in Washington D.C. this year!   
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Attendance Tracking

January - Ram Tool Annual Sales Meeting 2018
Positive Proximity provided Ram Tool with RFID session tracking and reporting in Birmingham Alabama this year!   
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Attendance Tracking

November - 2018 DFW Autism Conference
Positive Proximity provided FEAT with badge scanning and reporting in Hurst, Texas!   
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Name Badge Services

NameBadgeNow® is a Complete Badge Printing Suite That Delivers On-Site Badge Printing, Custom Logo Badge Design, RFID & QR Encoding Support

Each on-site badge station includes a pre-configured touch screen laptop, powerful badge printing software, and a Zebra Thermal Printer or Card Printer to produce high quality on-demand name badges with QR and/or RFID Encoding. Custom pre-printed badge orders are affordable for any size event.

Grey Zebra printer with an example badge with QR code

Zebra Printer Support

Industry standard printing stations can be set up on-site to service your attendees as they arrive. Zebra printers and scanners are available to rent and work well for medium and large events.

Hardware Rental

All of the hardware and expertise needed to help make your event a success

Positive Proximity has the hardware for your event. From name badge printers to session tracking equipment, we've got you covered!

Laptop with check-in screen and scanner

Session Check-in Stations

Turn-key check-in stations can be rented and deployed to process high volumes of session tracking. Our advanced software-based check-in tools can run with and without a network connection, ensuring that your attendance tracking goes smoothly.

Lead Retrieval

On-Site Delivery, Configuration, On-Demand Scan Reports & Data Exports

Lead retrieval services can be provided for you and your event exhibitors. Lead retrieval scanners include pre-configured, dedicated scanners as well as a downloadable mobile app that can be run on personal mobile devices.

Mobile device with scanner on screen

Lead Retrieval Scanner Rentals

Dedicated wireless lead retrieval scanners can be pre-configured and delivered ready to go. Each of the dedicated scanners will deliver your scan data to the Positive Proximity servers, and will actively prepare reports and data exports for you that you can access at any time.

Excel Analytics Export

On-Demand Scan Exports and Analytics

Data is collected by the Positive Proximity platform and is available, on-demand, to your exhibitors. The scan data is available online at any time during and after your event.

Measurable Results

Positive Proximity's session tracking suite provides the reporting and data integration tools needed to produce up-to-date session tracking & lead retrieval data.

  • Real-Time Participation Reporting
  • Automatic Long-Range RFID Check-in Options
  • Conference Name Badge Services
  • Automatic CEU/Credits Calc. & Certificate Delivery
  • Data Export Tools

Web-Based Management Tools

Our session tracking services provide all the tools needed to manage your events from start to finish.

  • Online Event Registration
  • Roster Management Tools
  • Name Badge Printing Tools
  • Built-in eTicket Integration
  • CEU/Credit Management

Un-Matched Reliability/Security

Our services operate with a level of security and data redundancy that you will not find elsewhere.

  • Redundant/Mirrored Data Systems
  • 24/7 On-Site Security/System Monitoring
  • Safeguarded by SSAE-16, SAS-70 Type-2 Compliance and Fully Certified for PCI/DSS


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Let us know if you'd like a quote or if you'd like to see some of our platform's features!

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Let us know if you'd like a quote or if you'd like to see some of our platform's features!

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