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Scanners, Badge Printers & Lead Retrieval

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Positive Proximity has the hardware for your event. From name badge printers to session tracking equipment, we've got you covered!

Badge with RFID signal on top

RFID Session Tracking Hardware

Positive Proximity can provide and setup industry standard, low profile long range RFID scanners. Our advanced tracking and monitoring platform will provide you with live session tracking and dwell time analytics. A level of reporting detail unmatched in the industry.

Grey Zebra printer with badge and QR code

Name Badge Printers

We can provide printers for your on-site registration badge printing. RFID and QR/Barcode encoding are both supported.

Laptop with check-in screen and scanner

Session Check-in Stations

Turn-key check-in stations can be rented and deployed to process high volumes of session tracking. Our advanced software-based check-in tools can run with and without a network connection, ensuring that your attendance tracking goes smoothly.

Portable device with scanner application on screen

Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanning devices are available for our attendance tracking as well as our lead retrieval services.


We've got the hardware, the tools, and the expertise to help manage your event from start to finish.

  • Name Badge Printers
  • Check-in Station Laptops
  • Laptops
  • Handheld Lead Retrieval Scanners
  • Handheld Session Tracking Scanners
  • and more...