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Automatic Session Tracking Tools, Active Dwell Time
Monitoring, Reporting & CEU/Certificate Tools

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We support all session tracking methods including: Long-Range RFID, Self-Scan Stations, Tap-and-Go RFID, Handheld Scanners & Mobile App Event Portal tools.  Track attendance for any size event and budget, we've got your solution!

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Real-Time Reporting, Data Exports & Detailed Analytics

Each of our session tracking options actively collects attendee check-in and location data, providing detailed session and dwell time analytics.

Dashboard platform showing five areas that are monitored

Active Room Occupancy Monitoring

The Positive Proximity platform actively monitors room occupancy and automatically sends threshold notifications/warnings (by Text/SMS and Email). The platform also monitors each of your session tracking devices, keeping you informed during the event.

Examples of Certificate options

Automatic CEU Calculations & Certificate Delivery

The Positive Proximity Suite includes certificate creation tools and can automatically generate and deliver (by email) any number of attendee certificates.

Male and female with RFID badges with a wifi signal

Long Range RFID Session Tracking

High volume events may require long range RFID badge systems to automatically track your attendee locations. Positive Proximity can provide the hardware & on-site setup to make sure your attendees are tracked successfully.

Laptop with check-in screen that shows an example of scanning a badge

Software-Based Check-in (Stargate)

Easy to deploy and cost effective, Positive Proximity's Stargate Software is an excellent attendee check-in tool. This option is perfect for events small and large, starting as low as $1.99/attendee.

Three phones which shows mobile friendly event app

Other Attendance Tracking Options

We provide a number of other attendance tracking options to meet the size and budget for any event. Some of our other tracking tools include Mobile Event App/Portals, RFID Touch-and-Go and Location-Aware Wearable Tags. Ask your sales representative for details.

Feature Summary
  • Long-Range RFID Tracking
  • Software/Scanner Check-in Options
  • Handheld Scanners
  • Location-Aware Wearable Tags
  • Active Attendee Dwell Time Monitoring
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics
  • Data Exports
  • Automatic Room Monitoring
  • Mobile Event App/Portal